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Watch timing standards and information. RATE: this is a deviation of the mechincal watch measured in seconds per 24 hrs.For a watch to be Chronometer (COSC) certified. it basically has to have a deviation of less than -4 to +6 seconds per day (86,400 seconds per day!!!).

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Omega Watches From SwissLuxury About The Omega Brand. The Omega Swiss Watch Company has a storied history dating back to 1848. By 1918 Omega was supplying watches to both the British Air Force and the American Army.

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Swatch® United States - Official website Discover the latest Swatch watches - Swiss Made since 1983. Find the nearest Swatch Store around you. Become part of the Swatch Club and explore the Swatch world.

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HEIRLOOM GALLERY - Omegas There is a watch for every man from all walks of life... Since its foundation by Louis Brandt in 1848, Omega has continually marked the history of watchmaking.

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That Watch and More: Buying a Vintage Omega Seamaster 300 In this article I will share my experiences searching for and buying a vintage Omega Seamaster 300 (SM300). Most of this is a result of thrawling the Internet and this can be looked upon as a collection of these findings.

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