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I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I strongly oppose the practice of shunning. I think it is barbaric, medieval, and un-christian. I strongly support your efforts to alert the public of this harmful practice.

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Ten years after leaving the Jehovah’s Witness Religion. Help, advice, and answers to Questions for struggling Jehovah's Witnesses and Disfellowshipped ones

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Debating Jehovah's Witnesses Unique Resurrection Doctrine Most Jehovah's Witnesses look forward to an earthly resurrection where their bodies will be restored to perfect health.

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Truth about Jehovah's Witnesses - famous Jehovah. - JWfacts home > interesting watchtower topics > famous jehovah's witnesses. Famous Active & Former Jehovah's Witnesses This list of famous Jehovah's Witnesses highlights that a Watchtower upbringing did little to prevent them engaging in illegal or immoral behaviour.

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Jehovah's Witness Discussion Forum | JW.Org Community. Welcome to the Jehovah's Witness Discussion Forum | JW.Org Community Information. The biggest, busiest JW community & support discussion forum for Jehovah's Witnesses, those interested in JW.Org beliefs or the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society

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Excommunication - Wikipedia Excommunication is an institutional act of religious censure used to deprive, suspend, or limit membership in a religious community or to restrict certain rights within it, in particular receiving of the sacraments.The term is often historically used to refer specifically to excommunications from the Catholic Church, but it is also used more generally to refer to similar types of institutional.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses | Beliefs and FAQs | JW.ORG Why Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Observe the Lord’s Supper Differently From the Way Other Religions Do? Also called the Last Supper or the Memorial of Christ’s Death, it is the most sacred event for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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Preparing Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses for Child Custody Download Preparing Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses for Child Custody Court Cases PDF to Obtain photocopies of all quotes referenced in this article..:I’M FIGHTING MY JEHOVAH’S WITNESS EX-SPOUSE FOR CHILD CUSTODY.

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Why It Is Dangerous To Associate With Jehovah's Witnesses. I had friends who where Jahovah whitnesses i went to the Kingdom hall i wasn’t part of their religion but when I attended their meetings I felt uncomfortable with what i was reading it was more like scenes in a horror movie.

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Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Have Rules About Dating? - JW.ORG Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that the principles and commands found in the Bible can help us to make decisions that both please God and benefit us. (Isaiah 48:17, 18) We did not create these principles and commands, but we do live by them. Consider how some of these relate to the subject of dating.